G7Innovation is a technology-based company, based in Seville (Spain) and with a high level of innovation. We specialise in the development of customised software solutions applied to clinical and healthcare management.

We are a multidisciplinary team of IT engineers, business management experts and healthcare professionals. With us, you get not only state-of-the-art technology solutions, but also a trusted partner who is committed to the success of your facility.

In order to optimise and improve the efficiency of daily work, we specialise in software development for assisted reproduction clinics, among other institutions. We understand that efficiency and quality care are essential in today’s medical environment.

We’re here to empower your medical practice, freeing you from technological worries and allowing you to focus on what you do best: caring for your patients. Together, we’re moving towards a more efficient future, transforming the world of healthcare.

Our services are fully customised, tailored to the specific needs of each centre or clinic. They are driven by our passion for excellence and delivering outstanding results.

In collaboration with the University of Seville, with the FIDETIA foundation and, more specifically, with the Engineering and Science for Software System (ES3) research group, we undertake multiple R&D projects that allow us to offer innovative technologies to our clients.

Our values

Key points that define the #seriousness and #dedication of our work

Excelence Excelence

Oriented to achieve tangible results through an excellent service focused on the needs and particularities of each of our clients

Creativity Creativity

We are passionate about what we do, we always seek the success of our clients by helping them identify the best solutions

Coherence Coherence

We lead by example, doing what we say

Commitment Commitment

We work every day to improve all aspects of our activity and be aligned with the latest trends in innovation

Flexibility Flexibility

Constant adaptation to new technological trends

Responsibility Responsibility

We assume our commitments, taking responsibility for the results in front of our clients


To be an international benchmark in the innovation of technological products and services in the field of health to turn any work area in the sector into the best place to work, where professionals in the health sector feel inspired to give their best every day of themselves and find in our products and services the guarantee they need to be able to carry out a work of excellence with their patients



Offer technological and innovative products and services in the field of health that facilitate the work of professionals in the sector and that can focus on what is most important: the health of their patients



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